Managing essential HR tasks from recruiting to resource mobilization, Invoicing and reporting is a huge involvement of time which often becomes an organization's weakest link. Our web based end to end automation of HR Processes for corporate as well recruitment industry effectively addresses this issue.

Key Features:-

  • Job Classification & Allocation
  • Organization Management
  • Communication with Outlook using email templates
  • Contracting & Hiring
  • Resume Mapping/Upload/Status Tracking
  • Employee Performance Management, Applicant Tracking and Recruitment, HRIS
  • Integrated Cloud
  • Optimized Resume Search
  • Discussion Boards And Events Management
  • Efficient workforce deployment
  • Candidate Management
  • Client/Supplier Management
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Candidate Management
  • RDLC Reporting
  • Multi-Profile Management
  • Invoice Generation

Technology and Deployment

Mprofinder is built on Dot Net Framework 4 like Interoperability, Language Independence, Simplified Deployment, Portability, Security etc. The backend support has been provided by SQL Server 2008 the next version of SQL Server 2008 and aims to make data management self development of SQL Server Always On technologies, to provide near-zero downtime.

Mprofinder has been built to support flexible deployment options. Customers can look for a solution that is compatible with their overall ERP strategy or opt for a Saas (Software as a Service) mode of delivery for transactional needs.

Hereby clients get a sub-domain on our server which is a secure area for their organization to use. Maintenance, support and product upgrades are managed seamlessly by our professionals.

The architectural design has been provided by MVC (MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER) which facilitates easy maintenance of separation of concerns in the applications, as well as clean testing and TDD and provides improved performance with Caching and better security.