Tracking and recruiting solution for HR divisions over a scope of business verticals which lets your enrollment procedure goes online beginning from employee demand from HR to employee onboard.


Easy to manage automated system that oversees whole employee commitment life-cycle alongside payments and payroll is a perfect counterpart for any business.


Being one of the essential media of eLearning, whereupon every single online course and training modules are assembled, LMS is an excellent option for all given its realistic and enticing methodology.

Project Management System

By connecting related objectives to get knowledge on the complete business landscape, it assists in producing precise reports; encourages managers to deal with even complex projects more proficiently.


Associate with your clients through any medium. It is intended to improve the quality of service and support provided to a business' clients as well as to expand the income created through client interactions.


It makes an enormous difference by simplifying and improving your purchase demand and request procedures and track them continuously to get the most pre-affirmed spend flowing through the procurement framework.


With a workforce spread across locations, are you grappling with multiple payroll processes, numerous pay-components, and inconsistent tax handling? EM Payroll can solve it all for you.

Invoicing and Billing

Web-based invoicing software assists in overseeing invoices to getting a total overview of every customer's or project’s benefit, our Invoice underpins all the highlights required to deal with your billing online.

About Us

To accomplish organizational objectives, an appropriate framework is required to oversee employee expectations and their output. Elitemindz is an engaged HR software provider for corporate. We offer end to end HR solutions from recruitment to retirement, covering the whole representative's lifecycle of an association. EM- Office is a kind of HR software that empowers the management of several HR functions like recruiting, payroll management training, managing, onboarding, evaluating, maintaining information of all employees, keeping track of attendance, and so on using information technology. Essentially, it is a computerized personal assistant to accomplish tedious work for HR experts. It helps large organizations and small startups to build their pace of development and efficiency. EM-Office is increasingly robust and is involved in both IT and HR management technology. It revolves around improving the employee performance in lining up with business' vital targets. Some EM-Office highlights - recruitment management, payroll management, employee attendance, time management, improved worker commitment, and that's just the beginning. Through EM-Office, employees can deal with certain clerical tasks relating to the contribution of their data. It likewise accompanies built-in security, including verification that confines access to approved clients, and secure organization information. So don't sit around idly, have a go at getting EM-Office HRMS Software for appealing more business results.

EM Office- HR mangement software

EM office is a kind of HR management software that empower HR tasks-recruiting, payroll management training onboarding, maintaining employees infornation, keeping track of attendance.

Choose the best software that addresses your issues effectively and meet your needs efficiently

Here are our top inquiries to ask when you are assessing HR software in the market

  • 01 What are the key area of expertise?

    Key area of expertise are as follows:-

    Recruit skilled employees.

    Manage their training and onboarding.

    Handle their personal and professional data.

    Track payrolls, attendance, holidays, and so forth.

  • Yes, the system is cloud-based. With the cloud, the HR department has a chance to create a level playing field regardless of the office area or representative type. From performance measurements to organized training and salary plans, a cloud-based HR system empowers each part of employee management to be centralized. Having a cloud-based HR framework is by far the best decision to deal with all parts of HR.

  • Yes, the software is 100% customizable. Since each organization has unique needs, objectives, and challenges, the capacity to tailor a solution to fit their requirements is our major focus.

Why EM Office ?

It is a complete office suite that helps you integrate all your HR operations consistently.


  • Automate and smooth out parts of the recruitment process.
  • Provide exact and definitive information.
  • Build up an engaged enlistment methodology.
  • Reach the most highly qualified candidates for the company.
  • Prioritize processes related to recruitment.
  • Access to far more extravagant representative information.
  • Conduct pre-employing evaluations and assessing the quality of those recruited.


  • Advantageous innovation to improve the training program.
  • Deal with the whole training program from framework usage and integration to ongoing administration.
  • Convey and track online training activities.
  • Create online training materials without additional third-party programming.

Project Management System

  • Utilized for project planning, scheduling, and resource allocation.
  • simplify the contact between advisors, merchants, representatives, and customers.
  • Manage assets, financial plans, and coordinated effort with colleagues.
  • Designated discussion area.
  • Separating projects into manageable units.
  • Visual the advancement of undertakings.


  • Keeps all your contacts in one concentrated, adjustable database.
  • Catch and recognize top leads.
  • Lift business income and sales performance.
  • Oversee proposition and statements.
  • Support deals through automated email and SMS campaigns.
  • Collaborate with teammates.
  • Smooth out meetings.


  • Oversee and track employees' salaries, compensations, rewards, deductions, and so forth.
  • Access all details and reports on desktop and mobile.
  • Transforms the employee experience.
  • Save time and money.

Invoicing and billing

  • Simplify invoicing: send customized sales, personalized solicitations, prepayment, credit invoices, and statements.
  • Track and oversee sales, expenses, and profits.
  • Ensure you get paid on schedule, without losing track of the payments.
  • Get business bits of knowledge with straightforward reports and dashboards.
  • Set-up automatic late payment reminders and charges.


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Talent Acquisition

Entire recruitment process as easy as few clicks !


Experience seamless data, work and insights

Asset Management




Performance management System

Agile Continuous & Business-Centric Performance Management

Company Directory

Vital information in insightful formats

Training Module

Diy bring ideas to life

Employee Chain Management

Stay open and connected for growth

Leave Management

Through our outplacement services we assist our clients

Client Reviews


CEO, Royzez

It was really great working with Elitemindz Pvt. Ltd. The team’s commitment towards its work was main reason we choose them, and we are proud of our decision.

Vikas Choudhary

Managing Director at Card Pro Solutions Pvt Ltd

It was great working with them. Their Custom development process across all levels made things more fun, making this journey a very much learning experience for our team as well.

Firdaus Mogul

Founder, Renepay

Being based out of India didn’t prove to be any problem for the Elite mindz team to work with our team, as they are very much easy to go by, creative. The team didn’t deny to do anything as they believe that nothing is impossible and they proved it.

Prashant Khattar

Director, INFINIA

Elitemindz has been like a development partner for us. They have handled some complex issues with ease and are available for assistance at short notices. Looking for a long relationship with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is employee data?

    The data that is stored in an HRMS is profoundly delicate, therefore, we are taking extra measures to guarantee software security in the workspace. We make it our moral obligation to guarantee employees information stays in safe hands by enforcing the utilization of solid passwords and changing those passwords timely, ensuring representatives with access to HR system log off or shut down their PCs when they are done working, backing up information, encouraging employees not to reveal passwords and individual record data among themselves and debilitating them from carrying their gadgets into the working environment to not risk information being taken or infecting the network with a virus. 

  • As the system is scalable and flexible, its integration is quite easy, any third party can simply integrate the system by following some necessary steps.

  • Yes, the application was built internally from the beginning which is the reason it has a consistent look.

  • No, there is no extra charge to access vendor training.

  • 24x7 support is available.

  • Once you sign the contract based on the implementation, the organization will give you an approximate period and begin with the process.

  • Key area of expertise are as follows

    SaaS (or client) software represents the type of software focused on people who are a part of the general audience, it could be some eCommerce programming or various web applications.

    Enterprise software is a sort of software that is being utilized by huge organizations or government foundations. It is produced from scratch and is heavily customized.

  • We do permanent hiring. We have a specialized recruitment team of more than 60 representatives who source, screen, and present candidates that meet your prerequisites for the direct position in any technical expertise area.

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